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"Mister Games Master"
This is the ultimate fun entertainment for your summer picnic or outdoors special event.
They come with a "Three-Ton Van" loaded with fun. At the rear of the Van they set up a 8 foot x 8 foot stage approximately 12" off the ground for easy access. In their Van they have a professional outdoor-sound system, to be used as a public address, besides the fun musical games and dances, they bring along water balloons and many other fun goodies for various games. Besides this they have inflatable music instruments that your guests will be using when they impersonate Rock Stars such as The Beatles, Elvis and many more.Your crowd young and old alike just love these stage act and appearances.They have many party favors such as Glitter Shakes,Theme Hats, Disco Wigs and more which adds that special touch to your event.Your guests, children and parents will have a fun day like never before.
They can entertain over a 1000 people,  they do have other packages for bigger or smaller events.
This is one of the finest fun entertainer/game organizers in Toronto and dressed in a nice Clown outfit.They bring along all the equipment and accessories from start to finish line, including Megaphone and all the goodies needed to make your day a happy and trouble free event.They draw up a full 2-3 hour fun program of games and races with the help of yourselves on the morning of your event, which will include fun such as:Hula Hoop, Peanut Pushing, Water Balloon Toss, Relay Racing, Tug of War and all kinds of fun races for kids, adults or mixed.They end the day with a 20-minute fun magic show for kids.
This Show comes in two packages:
- One Man Package (up to 3 hours) including fun magic show
- Two Man Package (up to 3 hours) including fun magic show -(80 participants or more)
All the Prizes and Ribbons to be supplied by the client!
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